It fits!
The new gear is a perfect match to the original pinion.

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27th June 2008
1929 Steam Engine

1929 Steam Engine
1929 vertical steam engine

Well, I finally succumbed and bought one. I got it for a reasonable (if that is a word you can apply to the price of such items) price and was not bothered that the gearwheel was missing, after all that is just an ordinary 57t, part no. 27a… Wrong! Chuffed to bits with my new acquisition, I promptly attempted to fit the missing gear only to discover that it required a special gear to mesh with the pinion on the steam engine.

A post on the Spanner II list confirmed my fears. The gear was a special part. Yes it looks like a 27a but it has much finer pitch and - as it turned out - 76 teeth! Hmmm... Not so chuffed now.

Within a few hours, fellow spanners had come to the rescue and pointed me in the direction of Oxnard, California. There resides Joel Perlin, Metal Construction Toy Specialist. His website lists a 27s this is the 76t version of the 27a it is supplied with a special pinion that will mesh with it at standard hole spacing. A few e-mails later and a couple of sets were heading East.

The gear meshed perfectly with the steam engine’s pinion and we are all happy bunnies again! I am now in the process of building the Steam excavator from the Special instruction leaflet S.31. I’ll let you know how I get on. 

TIMS meeting

Early start tomorrow, off to Ironbridge, three hour drive on a good run. Road works on the bottom end of the M1 and a stop for a full English will mean a pre 5am start if we are going to get there for 9am…


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76t gear and 26t pinion
The special 76 t gear and 26t pinion from Joel Perlin, Metal Construction Toy Specialist.