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6th July 2008

Skegex 08

OK, this little tale starts at 4am Saturday, yes, that is 4am! When you live where Sue and I live, if we can get on the road by 5am we stand half a chance of missing the London traffic. The idea is to drive, flat out (not exceeding the speed limit, of course…) until 7am. Two hours can get you a long way at that time of the morning, then all five of us ( Me, Sue, Jane, Tom and Tom) will stop for breakfast at the next Little Chef we come across. Yesterday we got as far as Boston. Jane got the hump as we entered the services and repeatedly started muttering “Turn around when possible” so we locked her in the glove compartment with Tom and Tom while Sue and I went off and consumed a hearty breakfast.

Jane was much happier once we returned to the main road and directed us faultlessly for the completion of the journey finally announcing “You have reached your destination”. We managed to park the trusty chariot and made our way to the Embassy Theatre. We had arrived at the biggest event on the Meccano calendar. This was our first visit to Skegex and we were not to be disappointed.

The place was thick with Meccano people. Before we got to the venue we had already met two ‘Meccanomen’ - even if one of them was a woman!

Faces and names

Wearing our name badges was a great idea. Having several badges we decided to wear our TIMS badges as they had our names on in clear bold type. This of course had nothing to do with the fact that there is a rule at TIMS that if you do not wear your name badge you will be fined a pound! - Mary, I won’t tell anyone you were not wearing yours…

We have been posting on Spanner for a few months now and thanks to the name badges several Spanners took the time to introduce themselves to us. It was great meeting you all and being able to put faces to names.

Big Yellow Digger!

The variety of models being shown was vast. From the smallest ‘simple’ model to some extremely complex and enormous works of art or labours of love. By far the most striking was Eric Champleboux’s 1:12 scale model of the Liebherr R966 Litronic (or Big yellow digger). 9000 nuts & bolts hold together 3000 parts. This is ‘Meccano’ modelling taken to the extreme. 

Personal favourites

I was taken with the dealer display models, particularly Jim Gambles display of 50’s models that included a compressor and men using pneumatic drills. Sue was taken with the ball rollers and I must admit to being fascinated by the complexity of some of these machines.

We stayed overnight in a B&B a few mile south of Skegness and returned for a few hours this morning before heading for home. All in all a thoroughly bracing experience.


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Ping-Pong ball roller.