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Beetle or 2CV?



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11th August 2008
The new pink beetle…

Me the beetle and Smokie!
Me and Smoke finishing the Beetle at home

This week we are away from home. The news on Spanner II was that there was a new set available from Argos. Ralph went off, located the nearest Argos and relieved  them of one Meccano Beetle. “It’s Pink!” he said. “I don’t do PINK” he continued. I do, so we decided that I should build it.

The first thing I noticed on the box was that it had headlights. There’s a thought, working headlights… Imagine my disappointment when the headlights turned out to be stickers. I was not happy and on closer inspection of the box found a sticker that said something like “the contents may vary slightly from the illustration.” Yeah right, they missed out MY headlights!

The bits
All the bits

On tipping the contents out I noticed that we were presented with a new design of spanner. The new tool looked like a cross between the old box spanner (P/N 34b) and the standard spanner (P/N 34). The centre ‘square’ and the cranked end are the same as a standard spanner but the other end resembles an open box spanner. On closer inspection the ‘jaws’ are slightly tapered enabling it to grip a nut for difficult placement. The fact that it is open means that it can be withdrawn after the nut has been tightened.  Looks too useful to lose, I think Ralph has his eye on it… Well he’ll have to buy his own Pink Beetle!

New Spanner
New spanner

It goes together reasonably easily although it is left-hand-drive if you follow the instructions to the letter. I ‘converted’ mine to RHD. The wheels are a novel combination I have not seen before. It uses those silver conical discs (P/N 187q) sandwiched between a 1 inch plastic pulley and the tyre. It seems to work quite well.

The really strange thing is the lack of floor reminiscent of Fred Flintstones car! It’s a funny model, the shape is sort of beetle like but It does have some 2CV-like features. Not the best set I have ever had the pleasure to put together but it filled a gap while we were away from home. 

I will give it to Ralph to take to the SELMEC meeting on September 6th.


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Where's my lamps?

Beetle and Box
Finished beetle in front of its boxx.