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23rd May 2012
Meccano gets a CFS Silver Medal!


The last couple of months have been spent getting ready for The Chelsea flower show. In her other life Sue is a flower arranger and for the past couple of years (along with Pat - her partner in crime) she has build an arrangement to represent their local flower club at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.  What has this got to do with Meccano? Well, this year the title of the entry is ‘60 glorious years’ and part of the design decided upon involved building a crown. After considering several options, we decided to build the framework from Meccano. It worked really well giving the correct structure and weight apart from the couple of pictures shown here you can catch up with the story over on my workshop blog (HERE), starting with and entry dated 15 May 2012.


It was a lot of hard work but worth it in the end.


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