Ralph building steps
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10th October 2008
The night before…

Sue hard at work
Roofer at work!

Where does the time go? It is over a month since I have added to our news! Well it is the night before the SELMEC exhibition and we are getting the funicular railway ready to take to the show along with our dealer display windmill. Since it’s last outing at Eltham we have added a station to the top and Sue designed a system to take account of the stretch in the string. Both cars now dock properly. I tried it out last Saturday at the Runnymede meeting and it worked faultlessly. For a change it is a really local trip for us - a few miles up the road. As SELMEC is our ‘Home’ club, as it were, we are heavily involved in the setting up and other duties throughout the day.

For a change, the models are ready to go apart from a quick check over. Although I have not been active on the web, we have been really busy elsewhere. A busy few weeks at the day job have been interspersed with sorting the latest bulk purchases and designing the next couple of projects.

For the next TIMS exhibition in Ironbridge we plan to build and exhibit a large scale Ferris wheel. The intention is to build a replica of George Ferris’ original wheel built in 1893 at the World’s Fair in Chicago.The other project we are contemplating is a narrow gauge loco, again in a reasonably large scale. Having both been Narrow gauge railway fans for more years than we care to remember it is strange to think that we have never built one before. Its all in the melting pot at the moment but we will see. It’s now 10pm and I still have to pack the tools and spare parts for tomorrow…

… “Sue, where’s the list for Mr T?” 


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It will fit...Yep that's my spanner...