Sue fixes the little windmill
"Now if I can just get this nut in here..."

Chris Fry's splendid little 1920s racing car making good use of the crazy inventor wheels and tyres

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11th October 2008
South East London Meccano Club’s 30th Annual Exhibition

Ralph & Sue at SELMEC 30
Our display at the show - discussing the next project!

Today it is the turn of our local club to hold its Annual Exhibition. This year is the 30th public exhibition held by the club.

We packed the car and headed East – that makes a change! A few miles down the road and we arrived at Sherard Hall. On arrival the usual suspects were all in attendance. Dave Taylor was unloading a mountain of Meccano just waiting to be snapped up by a hall full of enthusiast’s visitors.

A quick ‘shuftie’ around the hall revealed a nice spot to set up so it was back to the car to unload. A couple of cardboard boxes containing windmills and the funicular railway that was back a month after its last visit. This time it is complete with station and staging.

The station building was roofed by Sue and depicts a typical seaside design. Sue also came up with the docking system that allows both cars to dock at each end regardless of how much (or little) the string has stretched.

This was the 30th time the club has held a public exhibition and the first one Sue and I have attended for more than 20 years! I am please to report it was a splendid turnout both by members exhibiting and visitors. There was also a large contingent of children visiting, all were eager to ‘drive’ the funicular railway.

The only mishap was the driving cord being misplaced on Sues little windmill by a rather over enthusiastic operator! Minor dismantling and repair buy Sue put it right.

The order we had placed with Dave Taylor was collected and Sue picked up a couple of replica Meccano name plates and pennants.  The day seemed to fly by and before we knew it the models were back in the car and we were on our way home after a really enjoyable day.

Dealer display Ferris Wheel
George Foard's dealer display ferris wheel - Sue's next project!

There is a video report of the day HERE.



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Our Windmill
Our refurbished windmill puts on a show
Sign od the day "Warning! these models may contain nuts!
Sign of the day! by John Cowdrey