The tank gets a hand!
The Tank gets a helping hand or two...

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25th October 2008
Last minute decision

Nattering in progress at HTMC

A Few days ago, there we were discussing the latest project and even though we must have a good percentage of the joint Binns Road and Calais production, this usually involves supporting one or t’other of our favourite traders. This time we need some more parts from the large axle range, that Dave Taylor sells, plus about a hundred part No 1s… Not wanting to wait until the TIMS bash in November, I suddenly realised that it was the Holy Trinity Meccano Club meeting this Saturday. A note to DT with an order and a request to collect at HTMC was duly acknowledged.

Saturday morning and we packed up Sue’s car with the Funicular railway and headed down the A21 for Hildenborough. Arriving at the very nice venue to yet another warm welcome and a lot of, by now, familiar faces. We set up the railway and had a good mooch round. Having parted with the required amount of pound notes we joined the club and participated in the age-old ritual of drinking tea and discussing Meccano.

Nice smooth gearbox and drive

There were lots of models on display and several we had not seen before including some very nice army vehicles built by our table-neighbour, Roy Goswell. There was also a Ferris wheel based on the one at Chessington World of Adventures. We seem to be drawn to Ferris wheels at the moment… This one is powered by a Mamod/Meccano Steam engine and is very nicely made.

London Eye Pod
Alan's London eye pod

Talking of Ferris wheels, we are in the process of planning a model of the first Ferris wheel, while Alan Wenbourne is building a model based on the London eye built 107 years after ours. He brought along one of the pods he has made complete with its levelling mechanism. Now where are Dave and Marilyn? After all we had supplies to gather.

HTMC is a friendly club and we will be back again, a bit more organised next time.  


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Steam driven Ferris wheel
Steam Ferris wheel