Reversing gear
Lots of orange gears and pulleys
Each foot of the crane is made from five, four inch diameter circular plates

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24 November 2008
We have been buying Meccano... Again!

It has been one of those weeks that just worked out fine. There had been a modern dealer display model on ebay for the past month or so with a ‘Buy it now’ price rather higher than we were prepared to pay. Even so we kept an eye on it and after it failed to sell this time around we made an offer to the seller and it was accepted. We arranged to pick it up a couple of days later.

There are lots more high resolution photographs of the crane HERE. We intend to refurbish the crane and find out a bit more of its history - we will keep you posted but if you have any information regarding this model please let us know by contacting us HERE.

French Crane

The night before we were going to pick it up another lot appeared on ebay that caught our eye. This lot was a whole collection of late ‘80s, early ‘90s meccano sets plus a mixed lot all pickup only. The location was Hampshire - well at least that is not too far from us…CLICK! Bought it. Now where exactly is this stuff…

A quick Google maps search, from the post code the seller gave me, showed exactly where it was. Guess what? It was on the way home from picking up the crane. How often does that work out so well?

The next day, Sue and I set off at the crack of dawn to ‘rescue’ the dealer display model and pick up our winnings. An easy drive through South and West London, skilfully navigating around the congestion charge zone and the London traffic resulted in a cup of coffee in the café of the Newbury branch of Waitrose at about 8.30 AM - no fry-up today!

Now, right on time to pick up the crane. We did a modest dismantle and into the back of Sue’s car it went. Tap, tap on the sat-nav and the next pick up was three quarters of an hour away. We got there and after a very quick inspection loaded even more Meccano into the car and set off home. Back indoors by 11.45, no answering machine messages, or e-mails - result!

Number 7 set
The French Meccano set 7 of the late 80's

After spending the rest of the day working, we started to inspect our haul. Sue had spotted a gear ring in one of the boxes at the sellers house but though better of making a fuss. There was a lot of stuff here. These large lots are a bit hit and miss. You never know what you will find. This one was a good one, maybe not the best buy we have ever had but it was still worth far more than we paid for it. Our reason for buying it was to increase our ‘silver’ stock - it did that but there was a real bonus. A near complete and virtually mint French meccano set 7 of the late eighties.

Top tray
Top tray, all the yellow strip plates and braced girders are under the flanged plates

Bottom tray
For some reason one road wheel was missing

Compare the French Set 7 with the M series set 6 HERE

This is what I would call a 6 set as it is post the downgrading of the sets when the original 9 set was dropped and all the lower numbers promoted to fill the gap. For me this set was interesting as my childhood experience of meccano came to an end when I had extended my collection to a black/yellow/silver no 6 set. The seller has not made anything of this set simply mentioning it in passing in the listing as a used and incomplete set. There was not even a decent picture of it in the listing. To discover it was a real surprise - that’s the fun of buying these lots.

After sorting through all the other stuff over the next few evenings we decided we had made a good decision. The only problem with ‘lots’ is that they usually have a good helping of wheels and motors we are now overrun with them...



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French crane
lots of matt grey parts
Gear ring
A good find, a gear ring