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15th January 2009
A trip to Somerset…

What is it about early starts?... We get home the same day. 4am Wednesday morning and the alarm goes off. Out of bed and in the car by 4.45am. Why so early? Well we have a client in Somerset and an early meeting – well we have to earn enough money to buy Meccano as well as eat and drink!

Need Work
In the workshop and ready for action - I always thought these cabinets were made of oak but this one is mahogany with oak/beech drawers. A repair to the side has been made using beech. As it will be repainted it will not matter too much

This time of year it is dark all the way until we get to the Little Chef at around 7am. By this time we are most of the way there. Time for a cuppa and a good old full English! After long slow breakfast, it is back to the Swedish Meccano hauler (that also doubles as our business transport) and on our way to attend our business meeting. On arrival We inform our client that we have to be away by about 2.30pm as we have another appointment on the other side of the county at 3.30pm. The ‘Other’ appointment is with a man selling the dealer cabinet we had arranged to collect before Christmas.

Business concluded, we setoff for the North Somerset coast to collect our cabinet. On arrival the seller greeted us warmly and we discussed Meccano for twenty minutes or so before swapping a fist full of dosh for the cabinet. We loaded it into the car and set the sat-nav for home.

The Cabinet is now in the workshop awaiting restoration, but that will be another story…


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The drawer dividers are in good condition