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21th February 2009
Building in earnest…

Sue hard at it

Is it really that far into February already? We are off to Ironbridge at the end of the month for the winter TIMS meeting and Sue wants to show her replica display model Ferris wheel. Having spent the past few months collecting all the parts she needs time to put it all together.

Ever since Sue suggested we should build our own replica we have been collecting pictures of original models wherever we can. It appears that there were several modifications made to the design during the period they were being built by the Binns Road model room. The most obvious of these was the type and positioning of the motor.

The October 1965 issue of MM had an article by 'Spanner' detailing how to build a version of this model ‘simplified’ so the reader would be able to build it by substituting the mains motor with an Embo motor. There is also a valuable parts list.

Having spent enough money on Meccano, over the years, to buy a small island you would think that finding a few bits to build a display model would have been easy. Not a bit of it! How many 5½ inch narrow strips or 4½ angle girders do you have? 


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