Forth bridge
Forth bridge

Nick Rodgers fret saw
1953 French Gears set
1953 French gears set
1965 French set 0
1965 French set No 0

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25th April 2009 Holy Trinity Meccano Club (HTMC) meeting

This is a busy time for us meccano nuts. Last weekend we were at the Magic of Meccano Show and next weekend we will be in Ironbridge for the bank holiday weekend at Meccanuity 09, the annual exhibition staged by the Telford and Ironbridge Meccano Society (TIMS).


Today we have been to HTMC meeting in Hildenborough, Kent. Nice local outing for us, just half an hour or so in the car - less time for the bolts to work loose! We had intended to take our completed Derrick crane but work got in the way of Meccano building and I ran out of time. I did however take the jib and gearbox which gave rise to some discussion. We also took the Forth Bridge -all sixteen foot of it - having booked the front of the stage to display it on and the fully refurbished French display crane.

We arrived just after 11am and managed to get set up before the masses arrived. I was concerned that attendance might be affected by the absence of our friendly neighbourhood  trader, who, after spending all last weekend at Kew is loading up the Taylor charabanc with lots of goodies for us to peruse for three days at Mecanuity 09. My fears were unfounded as the place soon filled up with lots of models and a good smuttering of collectables.

First job was to set up the bridge along the front of the stage and claim a table for the other models. Sue set about ‘bridge repairs’ while I set the French crane running and got the other bits and pieces ready. Taking the gearbox and jib for the unfinished Scotch derrick crane was a last minute decision that was a good one as it gave me something to chinwag about as I am often lost for words at these events….

Display Our display - Click on picture for more information
Photograph by Jim MacCulloch

We also took some of the new Meccano we have acquired lately. These being the Micro-kits that Sue bought from DT last week at Kew and a couple of the new robot kits in tins that I managed to find on the web HERE. Once we were set up Sue was off with her trusty box brownie recording the sights for posterity.  

Lots to see

After Kew last weekend I thought that it would be a bit of a re-run but I was pleasantly surprised at the number of models I had not seen before. Nick Rodger's brought along the fretsaw that he has rebuilt from the Bert Love original. He is drafting a moel plan of it so now he has to take it to bits and count the parts! Ivor Perrett’s interpretation of the Jazz band from an old Meccano magazine article made me smile.

Jazz Band!
Jazz band by Ivor Perrett - made me smile!

Alan Wenbourne’s London Eye won the Noel To’Bois Trophy  and Jim Cass’ combine harvester, George Foard’s Dartford tunnel breakdown vehicle and Jim MacCulloch’s Waddon steam pumping engine were all runners up.

Alan receives his trophy
Alan Wenbourne receives the Noel Ta'Bois Trophy for his model of the London Eye (below)

London Eye

Jim Cass' Combine

Dartford breakdownGeorge Foard's Dartford tunnel breakdown truck

PumpJim MacCulloch's pumping engine

For the collector Eddie Oatley took time out from chatting with Nick and put on a splendid display of boxed and mint Meccano sets including a couple of interesting French sets and a nice Red/Green Mechanisms set.

Chris Fry is going through his F1 phase with an ever-growing display. The much modified and improved M&S single model set from the Mechanical workshop set is looking good now it has a full bodywork and a posh new stand - why do those large red plates look so much better than the light yellw ones? - See the Spring SELMC report.

F1 Racer!

Grandstand is new - motors next?

...and finally

Every hobby has its characters and this one is no different. Mike Dennis is a model maker who uses Meccano and I for one welcome his input and expertise. His models often court comment good and bad and he is the first to defend his corner. Although I have had ‘discussions’ with him on the Spanner II list, Saturday was the first time I have met him face to face. It also gave me a chance to get a look at some of his fine models first hand. No matter what you think of his methods and whether or not it is true meccano modelling you cannot deny that he is a master of his craft.


Frank Payne's No2 Elektron set
Mech. set
Red/Green Mechanisms set
Neat differential from Chris Fry's F1 Car
1913 Bugatti type 13
1908 GP Mercedes

1931 BSA
1931 BSA

He graced his table with three fine models. A 1931 BSA three wheel van, A 1913 Bugatti type 13 and a 1908 GP Mercedes all finished to his usual uncompromising standard and backed up with lots of history, plans and photographic reference. I can’t wait to see what comes next...

As usual time flew by and before we knew it we were packing the car and turning our thougths to next weekends three day event in Ironbridge.


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