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The night before The Henley Gathering 4th September 2009

It’s the night before the Henley gathering and it is time to get models ready to take with us. Last year we managed to amass several steam engines in one place and as the weather was good we had a good steam up. Leading the activities was the chief engineer, Owen Roberts who will be in the hot seat again this year. Lets just hope the weather is good…

Full stean ahead!
Getting ready for the Henley steam up

I have been giving our engines a run and I am pleased to report that they are all running fine not bad as two of them are now 80 years old. The newer 1960’s engine is also in fine steam fettle and really does go when it gets a head of steam up.

Other models

Sue is taking a couple of our display models including here replica of the display model Ferris wheel. Now she has plenty of spare bulbs for them after buying all she could find at Skegness. I am not sure what else we will be taking with us but after spending a lot of time setting up large complicated models at the last few shows this time they will all be out of the box. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to a good chat and some fine food!

I'll let you know how we get on...



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Under plastic...
Under wraps, Sue's model is ready to go