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SELMEC Exhibition 17th October 2009

It has been a month since the last outing. I was intending to go to the Runnymede Meccano Guild meeting at the beginning of the month but Sue and I were struck down with one of the flu type bugs that have been going around. I hesitate to say the dreaded Swine flu but it could have been. Just to be sure we ate lots of bacon sandwiches and rubbed on lots of ‘oinkment’ just in case.


It’s was the SELMEC (South East London Meccano Club) exhibition today and although Sue and I are still feeling the after-effects of our bugs we decided to go. I am confident we are not contagious, just a little run-down. Still I am sure a break away from work will do us both a power of good, especially if Meccano is involved. The nice thing about SELMEC is the fact that it is just up the road. None of that usual up at the crack of dawn (or before this time of year) involved and charging up motorways for hours on end. Today the loading of Sue’s recycled Swedish fridge took longer than the journey – a grand total of twelve minutes door to door!

Having not built anything for a while we decided to take our French display cranes. Although we have shown the refurbished one at a few venues this year it has not been to Eltham. We also took along a second crane in its ‘as found’ state as a comparison to the refurbished model. When viewed alongside the model they were built to promote, the connection is obvious. You can read more about these cranes HERE.

Last year the exhibition was a great success with a really good turnout of models and lots of people through the doors. This year was to prove to be even busier, we just did not stop. The hall seemed full all day and even the traditional lunchtime slowdown was hardly detectable.

My favourite model of the day has to be the little man with his pneumatic drill. I was not alone as all the small kids (as well as this big kid) thought it was funny. I do like the lighter side of the Meccano scene…

Sue took a shine to John Cowdery’s dancing marionette. Although this is not its first outing Sue had not seen it before. What really amused me was when John did exactly what I keep doing with the modern train controllers. The old Triang/Hornby and H&M controllers were all centre off and reversed around this point. The modem controllers - those that still have knobs – all seem to have a reversing switch. John was running the marionette off a Gaugemaster unit that was not centre off. Spinning the knob round to reverse or stop the model just accelerated it to a ridicules speed. It made me smile; the poor little fella was going bonkers!

Other models seen at the show can be found on the club’s own website along with a video of the event: HERE.



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Dancing marionette