Mini Meccanograph
Mike Denis made this mini-Meccanograph

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24th October 2009 Holy Trinity meeting and AGM

Another local do for us. Although not as close as the SELMEC, Holy Trinity Meccano Club is only just over half an hour in the car so that is not too bad. Again due to outside pressures we are light on models to take but as there will be no traders at the meeting we were all asked to bring stuff for sale. We gathered some bits and pieces together and laid out a table. To our surprise we actually made some sales! I am not sure I will take stuff for sale again. For me it was a real letdown. We did sell stuff but it was at the expense of the pleasure we get from just taking part, I don't think I want to be standing at my stall selling my wares... Come back Dave!

For Sale
Stuff for sale - not much fun...

We did take a small model with us but our sales lots overwhelmed it. The model was built from the special edition 1930s (style) red and green vintage Set. This set has a very strange mix of parts and the colour scheme is a bit odd. There are very few nuts and bolts but it includes things like a tri-axel and plastic pulleys. The four models in the set instructions are not very good and I was finding it difficult to build anything I liked the look of from the parts. I eventually came up with this representation of a forge crane. After posting a picture of the crane on the Spanner II list, someone pointed me to CQ75 which, has a selection of models built by Bernard Périer from the set. His models are much better than the set models and have made me think again.

Peter's Blocksetters
Smile Peter! another superb blocksetter

It was definitely a block setter day. Blocksetter devotee, Peter Goddard was showing two and next to us, Tony Parmee was showing his steam powered No.10 set model that he actually had in steam and very impressive it was too! To top it off there was a forth one, this time the SML 4 model in red and green built buy Dave Parrott and a splendid looking model it is two. Having bought one of these already assembled, earlier this year, for the parts we had it in our Meccano room and know just how big it is. It looks so much smaller in the hall - It looks even smaller in bits!

Jump jet
The new Harrier

Today I got my first sighting of the new Harrier. I must say, and this is only a personal thing, I have never been that interested in aeroplanes, I'm not sure why but even as a nipper my journey down the plastic kit trail was all about railways, cars and tanks. Looks like a nice model and it does capture the look of the real thing, however it seems quiet expensive at a pony a go (that's £25.00 for those who don't live in the smoke - sorry, London).

Sue found Mike Dennis playing with his miniature meccanograph built mainly using parts from the peculiar coloured Vintage set. A demonstration proved it worked fine and has inspired here to get on and build her own one that she has been thinking about for some time.

Fun ride

James Plicio won the Stuart Wilson Cup with another one of his spectacular fairground rides. A good day was had by all and it was soon time to pack up our models and head for home.


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James with his cup