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2nd February 2010 Flying bi-planes...

The back end of last year saw us flat out working leaving little time for Meccano. As Christmas arrived Sue came down with a real stinker of a cold/flu. I managed to fight it off until New Year’s Eve when it got me too. I spent the first half of January feeling just about as rough as one can and the second half of the month trying to rid myself of the cough that had been with me since the start. I can honestly say that I can’t remember being as unwell for so long before. It has been a while since either of us have been building or updating the website so now it is time to amend that and get back on board.


Tomorrow is the RMG meeting in Ottershaw and I intend to go. I had intended to take a model but time was against me. Back in November, Sue and I attended the Meccano Madness event at the National Space Centre in Leicester. Amongst the displays was one of those dealer display models of the aeroplanes revolving around a central tower. Although I have seen this model before, I have not spent the day looking at one from across the room. The model was part of Roger Marriott’s display and was directly across the room from our exhibit.

Old disply

Earlier on in the year I built a helicopter pylon flyer, although successful, it is a bit of a liability at shows as it could really get a turn of speed up and I was concerned that it was a little too dangerous. Something a little more sedate would be a much better idea. It occurred to me that a smaller version of the display model could be built using the small bi-plane design starter kits sold exclusively by M&S for the past couple of Christmases. Sue had bought the 2008 kit when it was available and it was built along with a second model from stock using different colour parts. The 2009 offering of the same model was issued in a different colour scheme again. A second plane was built from stock again resulting in four planes in four different colours.

The two M&S models and two more built from stock

A tower was built and the planes hung on thin cord, by midnight it was obvious that this was not going to work too well and there was not enough time for a redesign and build before tomorrow’s meeting so it was time to give in and get some sleep.

Mini display
Not happy with this yet


To be continued…


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