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16th March 2010 New parts and sets…

Having spent the weekend doing the day job and demonstrating at Get Woodworking Live we had a bit of time today to take a look at our latest additions to our Meccano stock. As rumours spread of new parts becoming available and the instructions from the new 10-model Multiset appeared on the official Meccano website, it seemed like a good idea to search the net for a supplier. I found the models at Lambs Toys in Darlington.

10 set plane
New parts 10-model set
P/N C371
P/N B953
Bent plate
P/N C369
P/N C375
The inclusion of a hook is not so common in modern kits

As usual they seem to be first with the new stuff. I managed to get the robots from Lambs Toys last year before they were freely available. I decided to place an order. A few days later and there was a knock on the door. The man from FedEx gingerly handed over the parcel – I will tell him one day that it is supposed to rattle! – on removing the outer wrapper I was presented with a Lego logo! I might stop using them if they don’t stop using Lego boxes to send me my Meccano…

Lego Box!
Lego box - Grrr!

After disposing of the afore mentioned box, I was grateful to see the familiar Meccano boxes inside. A Nano helicopter, the new 10-model set and a new to us 2-model set

10 Model set

10-model set
The new 10-model set is interesting due to the inclusion of two new metal, and I believe, two new plastic parts. The black/silver/orange  colour scheme of this kit also goes a long way towards making this set more appealing than other recent additions to the range. The instruction manual is very clear and the new models are much better than some of the other offerings recently. We have made three of the ten models so far; The main box art model of an aeroplane, a real hog of a motorbike and a reasonable looking helicopter.

This set contains some new parts, a rather bizarre cropped and bent braced girder (P/N C371), a bent trapezoid, heavy gauge plate (P/N C369), A 170mm long ribbed plastic rod (P/N C375) and a strange conical shaped plastic part (P/N B953) that looks more like a piece of Lego than a new Meccano part!


First Nano
The most interesting set to me was the new Nano kit. This is a tiny helicopter, all in zinc parts and packed into a small box that has the set contents printed on one end and the assembly instructions printed on the back. This small model has no less than three completely new parts and another that, as far as I know, has only been seen in last year's Christmas offerings from M&S. P/N C323 is a two hole dished plate in zinc. It was also supplied, painted yellow, in the M&S Maxi digger set of last Christmas. The three brand new  parts are: P/N C329 three hole, 1inch narrow strip, P/N 330 Narrow angle bracket, 1 hole x 1 hole and a P/N C331 double obtuse narrow angle bracket. 

Nano helicopter
Our first Nano kit - this tiny helecopter is packed with new parts!

2-model set, new to us...
Finally we got to the 2-model set. This has been out for long time but we have not seen it before. It is one of the more unfortunate colours – a sort of day-glow green. Sue took a shine to this kit as it had a good selection of modern parts, nothing new, but it does have a small hook, somewhat of a rarity these days. The helicopter makes up nicely and has a working winch and hand powered rotor blades.

2-Model set helecopter
2-model set helicopter is a nice little model in its 21st century colour scheme

The outline is convincing and I think most youngsters will have no trouble building it and it then has some play value. The other model is a sort of hoist. Again nice and easy to build and plenty of play value. With the leftover parts, Sue made a load for it to hoist. The only problem with this set is the badly produced instruction sheet with details reduced so small they were unreadable even through a magnifying glass.


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New Nano parts
New parts all found in the Nano Helicopter
Helecopter winch
Winch detail