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29th March 2010 Handy Little motor/gear boxes

Stan's motors

Last December we visited the NELMC exhibition where I acquired four of Stan Leech’s neat little motor gearboxes. I have now sorted out the mounting plates and Stuart Borrill made some bespoke gears, pulleys and couplings for them. The following information was supplied by Stan:

Input voltage 4-15 volts DC
Output shaft speed:
16 RPM at 6 volts
24 RPM at 9 volts
32 RPM at 12 volts
40 RPM at 15 volts 
Shaft diameter 3mm

Fixing holes tapped M2. Use M2 x 4mm countersunk machine screws for mounting to a plate or strip.

Stuart's work
Stuart's brassware

I drilled some 1½ inch square plates with the appropriate countersunk holes to mount the motors on. Meanwhile I sent one of the motors to Stuart who made me some 19 tooth pinions, and small pulleys with 3mm bore and the grub screw hole in the appropriate place. Stuart also made some converter couplings bored 3mm at one end and standard Meccano hole size at the other. Now I have four nice little motors ready for mounting into whatever takes my fancy.

Stuart Borrill’s information can be found HERE

Unfortunately Stan died in October 2011 and his motors are no longer available. He will be greatly missed by all those who knew him.



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