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18 May 2010 New take on an old bending machine

Finished Bender

The original strip bender (see HERE) we built a few years ago was not getting used as much as it might have been. It was also heavy and had its limitations as well as being full of useful parts! This week I decided to dismantle it and build a smaller, hand-held version based on the bender originally made (I believe) by the late Alan Partridge.


One thing that seems to be the Achilles heel of all these bending machines is the gears can slip on the rods no matter how hard the grub screws are tightened. I have discovered over the years that this is not so important as long as at least one ‘roller’ and the hand wheel have a permanent, solid connection. The bender is easy to build and uses a minimum of parts as can be seen from the photographs. The only modification I have made is to use a tri-axel in place of a round one on the hand wheel shaft. The result is no slipping at all! After extensive trials, over the past few hours, it has worked flawlessly.

In Use
Top view of completed bender shows the gear arrangement

Bottom of the bender reveals the adjustment mechanism

In Use
Works like a dream...Err... Excuse me, Can I have a go dear?



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