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23rd May 2010 Bressingham Steam Museum Meccano display

Last weekend we had planned to visit NMMG meeting in Oxton, but due to both of us feeling very under the weather we didn’t get there. So when the idea of visiting the guys from The East Anglain Meccano Set (TEAMS) was proffered we decided to make the effort and go. What a good move! It couldn’t get any better, Meccano, steam engines steam railways to ride on (four of them in four different gauges) and a super garden and it is all on the Blooms nursery/garden-centre site… I have not enjoyed myself on a day out like this for ages.


Bressingham is just over a hundred miles away from us, a comfortable distance to be a day trip. What’s more it is a relatively easy journey only having to time getting thorough The Pipe (Sorry, Blackwall Tunnel) correctly. Then that tremendously annoying 40 mile an hour stretch of three lane dual carriage way with nothing on it other than a collection of Gatso’s best selling product! Drives me mad. All that aside we made good time and even timed it perfectly to hear the Archer’s omnibus edition for start to finish, even if the last five minutes was in Blooms car park.

How much?

You know how much it can cost to get into these sorts of attractions usually. I was prepared to be stung for a good wedge and when Ralph handed over just £12 each which included a donation to the trust, a free guide book, all the train rides and a spin on the restored steam gallopers! I was pleasantly surprised. Not only that but the cafe sells good hot and cold food and drinks as well as ice creams all at prices that don’t make you wince. All in all tremendous value for money – it makes a refreshing change!
After getting parked we joined a small queue to pay and then headed straight for the exhibition hall where TEAMS were held up in force.

Just inside the door we found Jill and Dennis Remnant who greated us warmly. You could not miss their huge model of a East Angliain post windmill. Although I have seen this model befor and , in fact we were next to it at the Kew steam museum earler this year, It was by far the best view I have had of it. The model was standing on a lower table making it much easier for Dennis to carry out any running repairs, a good move after his acrobatics at Meccanuity earlier in the month!

Geoff Tooley's farm machinery

Moving round we found the familiar face of Tony Homden, this time with something a little smaller than usual. A display of aeroplanes made from Meccano aero parts including The Red Barron’s Focker tri-plane. If something a little more sedate was called for then Geoff Tooley supplied it with his display of farm machinery built in Red and Green Meccano.

Binns Road display model traction engine

If you have been reading this site you will know that I have a passion for the original Binns Road display models.We have managed to collect a few over the years but there are some significant holes in our modest collection, noticeably the Traction engine. I was delighted to see a very nice example on display along with a red and green Ferris wheel.

Maurice Rednall was showing the most sophisticated Meccanograph I have ever seen at a show. It was so smooth running and the use of the draughting pens added a new level of accuracy

After a few years thinking about it I have just embarked on building my first Meccanograph but now I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the magnificent machine built by Maurice Rednall. It just goes to show how sophisticated Meccano machines can be – It will even draw square patterns!SquareOne of the features of this machine is the use of drafting pens to produce a fine and constant line. Meanwhile Maurice’s brother Tony Rednall was digging away on the other side of the room with his Caterpillar hydraulic backhoe excavator among other things.

The day was over before we knew it and it was back to the car for a quick run down the motorway to be indoors just after 7o’clock. But just before I go, I must show you one of the traction engines, an immaculate road roller built locally at Thetford by Charles Burrell & Sons Ltd.

Beautiful steamroller... I wonder...

If you would like more information or membership details of The East Anglain Meccano Set (TEAMS) visit their website by clicking HERE. They really are a friendly lot and welcomed us warmly to their show.


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Ferris wheel
Display model Ferris wheel
Keeping the pen tips moist is the secret to smooth running