The last outting for our bi-plane flyer


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5th June 2010 The long drag to RMG and back…

The meeting in full swing

Now you know how this South East London chap gets a bit apprehensive of going too far West, well when the journey turns into a real pain, the merits of the trek are put into question. This time I was not alone, as there seemed to be traffic chaos whichever direction members were coming from.

I had set off good and early as I was going to drop Sue off in Croydon for a meeting. That was easier said than done as not only does Croydon have all the usual obstacles for drivers like bus lanes, one way streets and dead end roads it has trams that hurtle about as if they are the only things on the road!

I gave up trying to get to the destination and dropping Sue off in a side road with a map and a friendly looking road sweeper. It was time to get a move on. A quick dash over the Croydon Fly-over and a speedy trip along the Purley Way, past the rather sorry looking Croydon Airport terminal building, and I was just in time to join the mother of all traffic jams. In fact, it was slow all the way to the M25, which, by the time I got there had joined in the fun and was also solid with traffic.


I arrived at the hall by 1 o’clock and there was still plenty of space as lots of other people had been caught up in the traffic as well. I set up the flying bi-planes only to discover the inbuilt wobble…

Ivor Ellard's impressive Meccanograph

Right next to me was Ivor Ellard with his completely over-the-top Meccanograph. Lots of gear ratios and the ability to carry multiple pens producing some very strange patterns, Sue would have been interested in this one!

Mill engine
Howard Somerville's mill engine won the Bill Roberts Memorial Trophy. There is more information on this model on Howard's website that can be found HERE

This is the meeting that the Bill Roberts Memorial Trophy is awarded and the worthy winner this year was Howard Somerville with his very nicely executed model of a Bolton mill engine. More models from the day can be found on Greg Webb’s Flicker page HERE.

After the official business, tea was served and as usual it was an excellent spread. Before I knew it, it was time to pack up and make tracks home. A car fire in the M25 made that journey every bit as enjoyable as the trip to get there – I spent more time in the car on Saturday than I did at the Meeting!


Home again at last and investigations into the wobble confirmed that the central axel had indeed bent, probably due to an in-transit incident. Initially the arms had been removed each time the model was moved. After the model had been modified to incorporate the miniature thrust bearing, it was not so easy to disassemble it for transit. The new trust bearing was sandwiched between the arms and the tower meaning it would need to be removed each time increasing the risk of losing the small ball bearings. As it turned out, maybe that risk should have been taken. A note in the diary of experience was made.

Kit of parts?

The model has been around for a while now and has been to several shows and meetings so it was dismantled and sorted back into stock ready for future use.

Now, how am I going to straighten that axle?



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The underside if the meccanograph