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30th July 2010 We made the nationals…News!

…Well, one of them. A reporter e-mailed us, completely out of the blue, and said he was interested in featuring our Meccano interest in an article he was about to write for a national newspaper. We gave him an interview over the telephone and a few weeks later this was the result!

Today a copy landed on the mat and we were surprised to see the article had made half a page! You can download and read the article HERE or just click on the picture above. Reproduced with kind permission of The Weekly News.

The feature was published in The Weekly News 31st July 2010, a tabloid weekly newspaper, published by DC Thomson & Co. It has a larger following in the north of the country but Sue did manage to buy a copy fairly easily in one of our local newsagents here in London.

Ralph and Sue.

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