Ball lifter
Ball lifter nuber 10!

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7th August 2010
TIMS summer meeting

Nano Roundabout
The nano roundabout gets it first outing - you can read more about the model HERE

The drive to Ironbridge always involves an early start. Usually we will follow our normal route driving through the East End and north London onto the M1 and up from there to the M6 etc. This usually results in us having breakfast in Telford services at about 7.30am. Well, I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of motorway services and Telford Services, although not the worst I have encountered, do not win any prizes. Cold plates and lukewarm food is not what I want after a three-hour drive and Sue refuses to eat the stuff. This time we decided to do something about it and took an entirely different route. We aimed for a Little Chef in Kidderminster. This took us across London and out through West London (a totally alien environment for a South London lad!) and out on to the M40. This is the sort of journey that can only be  attempted in the early hours of the morning before the traffic builds.

Having successfully navigated our way to the Little Chef in Kidderminster we sat down to a nice hot breakfast in a very friendly atmosphere. If you are in that neck of the woods this is one place we can thoroughly recommend, we will be going that way again!

Pleased with ourselves and fully satisfied with our lot we left the eatery only to have our happy demeanour deflated – literally Sue had a flat tyre – you will note it is now Sue’s car! The tyre inflated and we were able to continue our journey to the venue.

Ralph and models

Plonk ‘n’ play     

The summer meetings of the Meccano clubs and societies always attract fewer participants than at other times of the year. This is due to usually fine weather, family holidays and clashing with other events. This year was no different and the numbers of participants was down compared with meetings at other times of the year.  We had decided to bring some small models that needed little set up. I gave my Nano Roundabout its first airing and Sue showed her ‘T’ form Meccanograph for the first time. Although she had it with her
at Skegness it was not completely finished. We had asked Mike Fallows if he would be kind enough to bring his version with him so we could compare notes. This he did and it was most useful.

To complete our offering we were also showing some of the models built from the new Multimodels 25 model set and the new Xtreme dragster with its pull-back motor.

Camel Flying Circus

Flying camels!
The Camel Flying Circus

It was good to see Max and Hilary Morris with their Flying circus. Max had told me he intended to build it after he saw our Flying Bi-panes model. Although inspired by my model his offering is totally different and far more sophisticated having two towers with planes synchronised with each other. His biplanes are also fitted with machine guns! Those little M&S biplanes are one of the better small models to come from Meccano in recent times I am now trying to think of something else to do with them. On show also was the latest in a run of ball lifters. The one pictured here being the tenth and latest version. I do like the use of a non stick pizza tray as a stand – at least I think that is what it is…

Dave Taylor's LNER Class L1, 2-6-4T

Dave Taylor attended the meeting with his model of an LNER Class L1, 2-6-4T Locomotive. A very fine model it is too. Although I have seen pictures of it before there is nothing like seeing it close up to appreciate the amount of work that must have gone into it. Dave also had some bits and pieces for sale but not his full stock this time as he and Marilyn were taking advantage of the quiet time and taking a break.

The limited edition Renault F1

Other models to catch our eye included Tony Evanson’s model of the modern bridge over the Seven River down stream from Ironbridge. As well as his usual selection of Meccanographs, Mike fallows was showing one of the much sought after limited edition Renault F1 models. More pictures from the day can be found HERE


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Tony's model of the modern bridge over The Seven down-stream from Ironbridge
Max's planes are fitted with machine guns!