Johns Meccano belt
John Hornsby showing off his Meccano belt

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4th September 2010 The Henley Gathering

Ralph with models
Sue gives the Nano roundabout a test drive while I get to grips with Sue's Meccanograph

Nice bright sunny day, not too much wind, good day for a Meccano gathering at Henley and a steam up out back. In the car bt 7am and a good run over to Henley found us in the car park with half an hour to spare. No early entry at this venue, probably something to do with customs clearance. After all not only are we way out West but this is North of the river…

Our recent policy of exhibiting small models is really paying off here. Sue’s Meccanograph, my roundabout, the steam engines and all the other stuff fits nicely into three boxes. A shuffle along the queue and after parting with our entrance money we laid claim to our space.

The center pice of this years show was Pete Wood's Tornado

The Henley Gathering is the venue for the AGM of the International Society of Meccanomen (ISM) …and women as Sue disappeared and left me holding the fort while she attended the meeting and paid our subscription for the next 12 months. Other than the normal AGM matters, Geoff Brown was formally presented with the Golden Spanner award that had been given to him at the annual dinner in Skegness at the beginning of July.

Old boilers

Steam up
Some old boilers - this old boiler was taking the picture!

One of our main reasons for going to Henley was to have a bit of a steam up. Sue and took three steam engines with us but in the event they stayed in their boxes! There were plenty of steam engines to see this year both on and off models. Sue and I so were busy talking and discussing our models that the time just disappeared and before we knew it the day was over and we were packing up without even getting our steam engines out of their box – Oh well, there is always next year!

Tony Brown brought along his Marklin 402 engine

Visitors were treated to no fewer than two 1914 engines and a host of 1929s. The weather was particularly good this year. Not only was it dry and pleasantly warm but also there was no wind – absolutely essential for productive steaming.

It will never catch on…

… or maybe in some less than mainstream establishments! The Meccano belt, created and modelled here by the crane man himself John Hornsby.

All in all a good time was had by all and the day was a complete success as far as we were concerned. It was also good to See (and hear) our good friend Eddie Oatley back in full swing after missing Skegness this year due to illness.

More pictures from the day can be seen HERE.

Next stop on the calendar is the SEMEC meeting next weekend. The Secretary’s challenge for this meeting is to build a model using part No.40 (hank of cord) that is not a crane – should be fun.



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Old boilers
Geoff Brown steaming his 1914 engine