Trimming badges - including ours!

Truck engine
Another engine, this time in Nick Rodger's truck

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2nd October 2010 RMG meeting

Land Rover
Getting there, Andrew Prentis's Land Rover is looking good

It was going to be one of those days. I got up late after really bad nights kip, then the printer would not play nice. Lining it up with the window for a quick drop kick did not impress The ‘S’s (Sue and Smokie) so a deep breath and start again… Why all this aggravation with the printer? Well, a while ago I agreed to print the club badges and today is the day that they needed to be handed out. First I had to print them. Ok, I know I should have done it days ago but you know how it goes, the phone rings, then dinner is on the table and something needs watching on the TV (well, there is something on at least once a year…) and it gets left until tomorrow – trouble is there are no more tomorrows…

I eventually get the things printed, grab my models and a very nice Cheese, ham and pickle sandwich and set off for the meeting. Everything is going fine until I join the back of a five mile queue of stationary traffic on the M25. See, I told you this was one of those days.

I eventually get to the meeting later than usual and have to fight for a place. I get set up with my Nano roundabout and climbing man (See previous News item HERE and Nano Roundabout article HERE) only to discover that my offer to cut all the cards out has been accepted and I spent the next couple of hours trimming them out. Poor old Andrew Prentis won’t sit next to me again, he, poor chap, got landed with putting the cards into the plastic badge holders.

Chin wagging…

While doing this, all I could hear over the hubbub of the day Eddie and Nickwere the dulcet tone of Eddie Oatley (caught here by the Mecca-Paparazzi chatting to his partner in crime, Nick Rodgers, as usual). This is a welcome change as Eddie was not well enough to go to Skegness this year and he was sorely missed – the place was eerily quiet without him! We are all pleased he is back on form!


I spent most of the meeting cutting up badges so my chance to have a good look around was somewhat curtailed. However I did get a chance to get a first hand look at Andrew’s work-in-progress Land Rover. Last time I saw this it was just a chassis. The body is coming on really well and I think he has captured the classic Land Rover lines perfectly. The rest of the model is coming on, the engine is in and the steering is now working. Gearbox is next on the agenda, I understand.

Underside of Nick's truck showing drive chain and suspension detail

Nick Rodgers’s latest truck is showing some signs of progress with a fully detailed engine and some fancy, compact, running gear. Tony ‘Steam engine’ Brown was in attendance with his Export ten set model powered by a vertical steam engine that he was able to run from a small compressor. Tony, had this model at henley and I did not get a chance to look at it there,. Just as I got to take this photograph, Tony picked it up and apologised for having to leave early - I might get a closer look at it one day! For me the little Ferris wheel, built by Geoff Carter,from the instructions in the new Serial Constructor book by Bernard Périer. This little model compliments my little Nano roundabout perfectly!

Good to see that Bernard Périer's latest book has inspired Geoff Carter to get modelling again. This little Ferris wheel would make a good companion to my Nano roundabout

More work in progress was on display by Roger West. After showing his grader for the last time at Henley, it has now been dismantled and Roger’s latest model is going to be an underground power car. The powered bogie is a very nice, clean, exercise in Meccano building. I am looking forward to seeing the finished model. 

Superb work as always from Roger West another work in progress, this time an Underground power car

Sadly I did not get time to talk to Geoff Wright about his No 9 set grandfather clock although it looked impressive. Hopefully I will get a chance to see it at the Holy Trinity Meccano Club meeting at the end of the month.  I am intrigued to see how Geoff has incorporated all those gear chains he has been developing over the past few months. There were other models present but I just did not get time to get to them all after the badge cutting.

Just to put the icing on the cake when it came to pack up and go home the heavens opened and the journey home was completed in torrential rain. I did have a good day, I always do enjoy the RMG meetings but this one will go down as just one of those days…



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Land Rover engine
Land Rover engine detail - gearbox is next on the list
Tony's elusive No9 model
Geoff Wright and his No.9 set clock