George Foard's little man looks a bit nervous


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16th October 2010 16th October 2010 SELMEC Exhibition

This was always going to be a fun day out with a model that is taller than me and will not fit inside Sue’s estate car it was time to get the van out. We got going a little later than I had envisaged and ended up at the venue after a lot of people had already arrived. Reversing through the crowds (about half a dozen people) I managed to get the van backed up to the door and the models unloaded. We also had Adrian Ashford’s models on board. As he was not going to be with us until lunch time Sue and I laid out his models as well as our own. There was the usual crush for table space as there are always more models than space and in recent years this small exhibition has grown in popularity not only by the number of exhibitors but also by people through the doors.

The hall
Sue demonstrating her T form Meccanograph - always a hit with the kids

This year was no exception. Models were on display in the main hall as well as in the refreshment area where there was also a Hornby Dublo layout proving popular.

We managed to get set up at the end of the main hall and out No.10 set model of the Eiffel tower stood on a low table but still towered over our heads. This is the 1938 model. We have not added the lifts as shown in the instructions yet, nor have we got around to stringing the tower to indicate the bracing. One problem with this model is the shear size of it. The height is not too much of a problem in itself but that combined with the spread of the legs make it difficult to pass through a standard doorway. With the wooden base fitted (required to mount the lift’s winch gear) there is no way it will pass through a door without fiddling around the corner. This is not always possible especially in the confines of the home. The intention is to have a go but not before next weekend’s trip to the Holy Trinity Meccano Club meeting.

Andrew Prentis kept himself at the other end of the table (see why by reading the last RMG report HERE) Crane and was showing off the progress of the Army Landrover even if the gearbox was sitting in the back - reminds me of a Transit Luton Sue and I had when we were first married – that had the engine in the back more often that it was in the front!

Sue’s Meccanograph was a hit with the kids as usual and even the big kids like me got to have a go. Sues favourite was the 1920’s delivery lorry built by George Foard But for me it had to be Stan Leech’s brilliant little model of the Jones KL 66 Mobile crane – a really nice little compact model featuring one of his mini-motors.

Sue took a shine to another of George's models, this 1920 lorry built in blue and gold

Lots more models from the day can be found on the SELMEC website. Click HERE to have a further look around at the models on show.

And finally...

For some reason or other, a certain Mr Cowdery has taken exception to me and my Yo-Yo and has taken the time to write this ode:

Oh it’s Yo-Yo here and Yo-Yo there,
That Ralph he does not care.
Up and down its string it goes,
It’s enough to make you curl your toes.
To ‘Walk-the-dog’ it is his aim,
But all it does is give me pain.
The answer is, I feel, to crush it under heel,
Or drop it down the nearest drain!

Yo Yo

Who would have thought that a Meccano model of such simplicity could provoke such thought, I must remember to take it next time! Like every SELMEC show, the time flew by and before I knew it we were packing up and on our way to Adrian’s house to drop him and his models back home before returning to our own home for an evening in with our feet up!



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Eiffel Tower
Guess what this is...