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12th February 2011 TIMS meeting

It is still cold here although the snow has gone and we were ready for our trip to Telford. We had it all planned. This was the first long trip of the year and a chance to have a weekend away. As we had been rushing about since Christmas with one thing or another we were looking forward to the break and then getting home to a nice simple week at home. Then on the Thursday evening, we found out we needed to be in the West of Scotland on the following Wednesday. This would not have been so bad if it was not for the fact that Sue had to be in Kent on Monday and I needed to be elsewhere in Kent on the Friday of that week. Now we were faced with having to drive up and down the motorways of England for a week! We decided that we were not going to cancel our visit to Ironbridge but we just could not face rushing to finish models so we decided to go light – no models.

The view of the severn from outside the B&B has changed since we were here in November.

Our favoured route at the moment is via Kidderminster. Not for the Severn Valley Railway but because it is not on a motorway and that means it has a Little Chef. The motorway services are awful places to eat – especially breakfast. Although the Little Chef restaurants are expensive the food is hot and usually good – just remember to refuse the extras that every LC waiter/waitress will offer you…

After a good feed it is then a leisurely three quarters of an hour drive via Bridgnorth to Ironbridge and we have bypassed Birmingham and the M6 crawl completely.

On arrival we parked up and for the first time ever had time on our hands to chat and have a look around at everybody else’s models. This is something we usually do at the North East London Meccano Club’s do in December but as it was cancelled due to poor weather conditions we missed out. The first thing we found ourselves doing was unloading the food for the refreshments – Meccano always seems to go hand in hand with food for some reason. Although we did not have any models to stand by, Sue and I hardly saw anything of each other except to compare notes over the odd cuppa. Sue was off with her camera and getting the low-down on several models that caught her eye.

John Nuttall (left)explains the intricacies of his Gondola parking system to Chris Shute and me.

Meanwhile I was intrigued by John Nuttall’s Double Ferris wheel or rather the very neat mechanism that stopped the cars, one at a time, to allow riders to get on and off. It then allowed the wheel to turn for a while before repeating the process. All mechanical and driven by a vintage motor that looked like new! 

Sue found this unusual and not often seen model of the Crazy inventor series - The clock

Lots more photographs of models seen the day can be found HERE 

The hall was cleared by 5pm and it was back to the B&B for a freshen up ready to go out for a meal with friends – see I told you Meccano had strong links with food!


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The drive to John's Double Ferris wheel