Ken and vera Wright have been reading our website and here to prove it is their version of our the plate bending machine - see HERE

Eiffel tower built from mainly pre-war Meccano by David Tracy

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9th April 2011 HTMC Meeting

Continuing our marathon run of events in April it is time to brave the perils of the M25 once again and head for Hildenborough. Luckily we only need to join the dreaded motorway for a couple of junctions but these can be some of the busiest sections of the motorway if the timing is not just right or if there is a problem on the road ahead. The April meeting of the HTMC is held the weekend before the Kew Bridge exhibition so it is a good place to dry-run some of our new models.  

The Marklinograph - all show and no go - I'm going back to building cranes!

Finally we finished our quad bike racer game after several rebuilds. It was now time to show it off along with Sue’s T-form Meccanograph and a Märklin version of the same. We set ‘sail’ for Hilldenborough on a nice sunny day. We must have been later than usual as the car park was filling and tables were going fast.

The Quad Bike Racer is working well - at last

After setting up our models, another plonk and play episode, Sue went off to take photographs and partake in a good session of chin wagging… Me? I went to discuss the finer points of the No.9 manual model of the Quayside loader Tony Brown had built from his export No.10 set. I missed getting a gander at the last RMG meeting I managed to get to. Having discussed every minute detail of the model it was not until I got home that I realised we did not have a photograph of it! An e-mail to Jim MacCulloch resolved the situation and the picture reproduced her is courtesy of him – Thanks Jim!

The Quayside unloader built from Tony Brown's pride and joy Export set - hence the unusual colour scheme

The race game seemed to work well although there were not many ‘kids’ around to give it a good test. Sue’s T-form Meccanograph worked well as usual and my second venture into building these fiendish machines looks as if it is going to end as the last did in failure!

Jim Cass built this spectacular loading shovel

Looking around the rest of the hall I was impressed with the articulated loading shovel built by Jim Cass. A very nicely finished model that incorporates some custom parts including a set of fine looking wheel rims, fine mesh grills and some hydraulic rams.

Ken and Vera Wright brought a selection of small original models. Bike I particularly liked the air-portable motorbike and the plate bending machine. David Tracy sowed his 1928 model of the Eiffle tower build from many original period parts. At the other end of the size scale was Brian Eldridge’s tower cane, standing on the floor and still taller than its admirers.

Next stop West London and the Kew Bridge Steam museum - Magic of Meccano show next weekend for two days!


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A very nice looking tower crane built by Brian Eldridge