Peter's Meccanograph is based on a Knonkoly desigh and has cought Sue's eye...

Fred Light with his Sinclair Harding Navigation clock

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30th April/2nd May 2011 - Meccanuity

This three day event seems to get bigger each year. Held over the spring bank holiday weekend it makes a really good excuse to spend a few days in Ironbridge. This year set-up day just happens to be a bank holiday thanks to the big bash going on at Westminster Abbey. As Sue was keen to get a butchers at the happy couple we decided to stay at home in London and make a break for it early on Saturday morning. This we did leaving South East London in the small hours so we missed all the traffic heading West and aiming for the M40. At that time of the morning it is an easy run. Over the river via Vauxhall bridge and along the embankment passing the baron expanse of the Royal hospital grounds where in a few short weeks time the area will be home to the greatest floral event of the year The Chelsea Flower show. We have a special interest in this event this year as Sue and here partner in crime (Pat) will be presenting a huge flower arrangement on behalf of their flower club.

Spring in Ironbridge
Summer in Ironbridge

For now though all thoughts are on the next three days and more importantly getting to Kidderminster in time for breakfast! Yes, I know, Food is being mentioned again but it is the big incentive to get out of bed at a ludicrously silly hour. After leaving a bit later than we had intended the pressure was on. Not only did we have to get our models to the show but we had offered to take a friend’s model too as he was going to be travelling by train and would not be able to carry it. Did this mean a foregoing of the aforementioned breakfast? Not if I could help it. There was an Olympic fry-up with my name on it in Kidderminster and I was determined to claim it. A good trip through The Smoke and, shall we say a brisk squirt up the M40 made up enough time for sustenance to be obtained in the usual manner.

Quad bike racers
Serious stuff this quad bike racing

We had been working on some new models for this event. The theme of the weekend was Fairground Rides. Having abandoned our plans to build the model of Ferris’s original wheel for now, due to a decision to move house within the next year or so, we were building miniature rides.our models These models were inspired by our Nano roundabout which we promptly rebuilt (it had been dismantled at the end of last year) The was also a neat little Ferris wheel in Bernard Pereir’s book that had been built by Geoff Carter and show at the recent SELMEC meeting. Sue decided to adapt the design to compliment the Nano Roundabout and subsequently built her own version. A third model of some flying aeroplanes did not get finished in time so to make up a bit of space we also packed Sue’s replica dealer display model Ferris wheel. After proving a big hit with the visitors at Kew a couple of weeks ago, our up-dated race game proved a great success with the kids – big and small!


Ho Ho! Is that zinc strips I see... Terry Allen's very nice looking, and running, mower is put through its paces

The selection of models was really interesting this year. Apart from the fairground models there was plenty of interesting stuff to admire. One of the models that took my attention was a very nicely built model of a steam powered lawn mower built by Terry Allen.  There are plenty more pictures from this event to be found HERE.   


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Race Game
The race game was popular again
Ken Senar's huge helicopter was impressive