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3rd May 2011 New Multimodel sets

5 model set

Meccano’s revamping of the Multimodels range has picked up a pace this month with the release of three new sets. These sets are to replace the existing 5, 7 and 20 model sets are all French production as it proudly states on the box.

Quad bike
7 model set

These sets all feature new parts (as detailed later) but there are a few things missing. The black bolts have completely disappeared, a blow for those of you using these to up-date the army Multikits. Also gone is the gearbox cube. The latter has been substituted in the 20 model set by a couple of bent trunions. These comments also apply to the 15 and 25 model sets introduced last year and discussed HERE, HERE and HERE respectively.

30 m0del car
20 model set

We have made up the box art models from all three kits and can say they went together reasonably well. The motorbike is a bit fiddly and the quad bike is a bit flimsy. By far the best model is the racing car, which is robust when built and has a good outline.

Now for the new bits…

The 20 model set Includes a couple of the folded, braced girders and a pair of formed triangular plates, as seen in the previous sets. There is also a flexible ribbed piece, used to depict the roll bar. I suspect this is a part from one of the junior sets. All kits have an opaque version of the small tinted canopy, Personally I have not found a use for these parts but I suspect as their numbers grow in our stock they will be found a use. Although not a new part (it appeared in the radio controlled Truck set) there is a useful 5 ½ inch long tri-axle included in this set.

The 5 and 7 model sets are far more interesting. Both sets include four new rigid, triangular, braced girder-plates, for want of a better description.new These  parts are made from rigid steel and painted matt black. On the face of it these parts should prove useful although I must report that our parts are starting to peel paint after initial handling and use. This may not be representative as we have not been able to confirm this with other modellers – yet. The kits also include one of the new larger shock absorbers. These are moulded in the same colour plastic as the ones in the 25 model set – at last some consistency of colour even if it is ORANGE!

Overall some welcome additions to the range and it is good to see some new sets in the shops and with the promise of more to come the prospects are bright.



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From below
No gearbox cube in these new sets