The bosses from broken plastic pinions make excelent stops for the end of the Meccano drift

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5th March 2012 Drift stand

Drift Stand

Rummaging through the toolbox looking for Meccano a drift (P/N 36c) can be very frustrating. All our drifts are fitted with the redundant boss and knurled end recovered from broken 19t pinions. This does help to identify them but they are still not obvious and much rummaging can take place before the required item is located. 

In the end I built the simple stand from some rods and eight hole bush wheels. The stand is a bossed three-way rod connector and the feet are modern rubber pulleys. The stand is very stable and, during building sessions, sits in the centre of our Meccano table so it is accessible by either of us. Now finding a drift is no problem at all!


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