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12th March 2012
TIMS 21 part challenge

Our first road trip of the year was to the Telford and Ironbridge Meccano Society meeting. Having nothing ready in the way of models we decided to go ‘light’ we took our experiments with rubber tracks (See HERE) with us and decided at the last minute to entire the 21 part competition as this was being held to commemorate the society’s 21st anniversary of being formed.


We took two models with us. By coincidence our little avatar model of the pair of us just so happens to be built from 21 parts so rather tongue-in-cheek we entered it. Rather light heartedly we also entered my model of a London bus stop, pavement and Meccano ‘City’ people. Needless to say neither model impressed the judges so the bus crew got fed up with waiting in an orderly queue and became a rowdy bunch with an old Gent making a citizens arrest…


...Sound familiar?


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