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17th March 2012 Hand loom anyone?

Hand Loom

While I was sifting through a file full of old Magazine downloads I found a copy of the French Meccano Magazine from July 1932. As this South London lad is not versed in the finer points of the of the French language I can’t tell you what it said about it but as you can see it is obvious what it is.


Half an hour later and I had collected the bits and built the mini loom. It took longer to load it with thread (Meccano string!) than it did to build. After a bit of struggling with getting the tension right it was all go.  As you can see it makes a good representation of ‘cloth’ and proves that you can make a Meccano loom without breaking the bank!

The result

“I love it when a plan comes together…”

Now, Who was it that said that?


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