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31st March 2011
Selmec meeting and the Secretary’s challenge

Well, what a day! This is usually a nice leisurely affair, a casual poodle round the South Circular for a few miles and a nice long chat with the guys. Not this time. Some of the members are going to exhibit at Steam and Transport Show at Chatham dockyard on Easter Sunday and Monday.

One of the organiser’s stipulations is that all portable electrical equipment must be tested. In an effort to help out, I offered to do the testing and ended up testing a whole pile of equipment, most of which passed even an old 1950’s window display model that looked like it was a candidate for failure! More about PAT testing can be found on my workshop blog HERE.

The Challenge

The completed windmill built in the the set colours of the time; yellow/silver/blue. Can you work out how many Pocket Meccano sets it would take to build this model?

The secretary’s challenge for this meeting was to build a model using only parts from the Pocket Meccano set parts list - but use as many of the included parts as you like.  Sounds easy, but for some reason this has been one of the most difficult challenges for us so far. Challenge Windmill We sat there for hours looking at the single parts from the list of parts available with no inspiration what so ever. Eventually I collected together a good selection of each part and Sue started to build windmill sails. Once the seed was sown the model very quickly started to take shape and, indeed, it needed to be quick as this was 7 o’clock the night before the meeting.

A few hours later the model you see here was finished with sections being built by each of us. Once we had built our individual sections the whole model was assembled. This is a departure from our usual red and zinc colour scheme as we have tried to use parts of similar colour to those found in the pocket Meccano set on which this challenge is based.

Tick, tock, tick, tick, tock....tick

The pre-war clock got an airing and I managed to chat with Bob Palmer, who built the clock for the last meeting. The clock ran better at the meeting than it has done ever since I built it. This may have something to do with the fact that the motion of the car kept it ticking all the way to the show and gave it a good workout, albeit a bit lumpy!


I have a clock face to fit once I have got it to run nice and smoothly but I think I am going to have to rebuild the mechanisum with hand picked rods and gears. I am also thinking of using Elektikit round cores as spacers between the Front and back plates. I will post some more pictures once I have had a chance to do some more with it.

More models from the SELMEC meeting can be found on the official SELMEC website HERE.



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Pocket Meccano Parts Parts list
Clik on the picture above to enlarge. Contents of pocket Meccano set. Not a lot to play with made this challenge interesting...