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10th April 2012 My Mum is still
buying us Meccano…

Back in 1962 when my Mum and my Dad bought me my first Meccano set I bet that Mum didn’t think she would still be buying it fifty years later!

Box-art for the small 'Tuning' set showing the two models that can be built from the instructions - Yes, they are different!

Last week, my Mum was staying with us for a few days. She is a fit, 85 year old who likes to stand on her own two feet. On Monday she wanted to go to the new Westfield shopping centre in Stratford. Having heard of Stratford it was one of those places that, until recently, was not so accessible from the part of London she lived in for the greater part of her life. The transport system in London has changed beyond all recognition since Mum moved to Kent 25 years ago. It is very different now; Stratford is just a train journey away at the other end of the Docklands Light Railway (DLR).

Full of enthusiasm she was keen to go on this big adventure so off we went. Not being a big fan of shopping centres, for me the thought of the up-coming excursion was not one that filled my heart with glee. Sue is also not a big fan of these places but we put on a brave face and went along with good grace.

Built! The set comes with a full sheet of stickers but Sue was conservative with their use

After having to fight to pay our own fairs and buy the lunch I think my Mum was determined to buy us something. Amongst this temple to shoes and handbags lay the potential of a distant oasis. In the vastness I spotted a familiar logo on a sign. Could it be? Could it really be… a branch of Model Zone? Now, under normal circumstances, this would not usually get the heart pumping but after being bamboozled with the intricacies of Mum’s potential new wardrobe it seemed like El Dorado.

Sue made a beeline for the tools and scenery section of the model railway department while trying to spot a model of a loco built by her great grandfather (Sue’s maiden name was Robinson). I too was off in that direction when I spotted Meccano on the shelf – and quite a bit of it!

While looking at a modern 'Tuning' set of a car, my Mum pounced. Ceasing the opportunity to buy us something she suggested that she would very much like to buy us this set as a gift. What could we say?

We are now the proud owners of a nice little Meccano set courtesy of my Mum. It makes a good memory of a nice day out, even if we did have to go shopping…



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Bottom of Car
The bottom of the made up car shows the multi-flange plate used as a chassis, unique to these small sets