Ed's Loco!
Eddt Oatly's latest model

The Noel Ta'Bois Trophy is presented to Richard Payn by President of the HTMC, David Fellows

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28th April 2012 HTMC meeting

Richard's crane
Richard's prize-winning crane

The Holy Trinity Meccano Club (HTMC) meets twice a year and always attracts a good crowd. It is a very nice venue with easy parking and loading. As a bonus it is easy to get to and relatively local for us. No excuse for a stop on the way for a full English on this trip!

A super winding drum gearbox built by Richard Payn

Unusual for us, we were a bit late arriving and table space was at a premium. Getting a table at a Holy Trinity meeting is a bit like a cross between homesteading in the American far west and present day squatting! We managed to lay claim to 6ft of second-rate real estate in the way of a table shoved right in the corner with no space to sit. In the face of such adversity we struggled on and presented our motley selection of models.

Our displa

All this to contend with on an empty stomach but salvation was at hand as the call for tea was heard and Sue produced a couple of rolls. Me looking at crane

The star of the meeting had to be Richard Payne’s huge crane built mostly from unused dark blue strips and beige coloured flexible plates stripped from umpteen Big Ben sets. The model is huge and is very well built – you really would not expect anything else from a fellow Southerner would you? Just to prove the point Richard won the Noel Ta’Bois Trophy for his efforts and very well deserved it is too.

Richard knows we are in the process of building our version of Eric Taylor’s level luffing crane and brought along a very clever gearbox he had built for the version he built. I am not sure if we will incorporate it in to our model but I am going to try and build it myself just to fully understand how it works.

Mini Blocksetter
Colin Davies built this neat little blocksetter

At the other end of the size scale, Colin Davies was showing a mini block setter. Tony Parmee was showing a Meccano ‘Aunt Sally’ - a model I have not seen before – Tony built his model based on instructions published in Meccano Magazine, Page 62, February 1961. He also had another version of the Watt’s steam engine that seems to be popular Gearboxat the moment. Nick Rogers dug out another one of his ‘Loft’ models this time a super looking gearbox – not sure it will pass a PAT test with the open motor! Ivor Ellard showed his latest project as a work-in-progress that he hopes to complete in time for SkegEx 12 The bridge looks resplendent in its shiny nickel/zinc, black and red colour scheme making the best use of erector and Meccano parts together in one model. There were plenty of other models on show and I have included a few here with captions.

That’s it for now off to Coalbrookdale next weekend for Meccanuity 12.



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Caught in the act again!

Nick snarls at the photographer as Eddy continues his chin-wag while Sue looks on...
Aunt Sally model by Tony Parmee