Our display at HTMC - 25th April 2009
Photograph by Jim MacCulloch

The French crane takes pride of place. It is not normally viewed from this side and it shows how the
automatic hoist is controlled. The size of this model is evident when compared with the
retail model built from the special edition crane set. Along the front of the table is the 6ft jib from the
Scotch Derrick crane we are building for Meccamuity 09. The red gearbox can also be seen next to a couple
of the new robot sets. In the background, to the left, two cantilevers of the Forth Bridge can be seen
parked along the front of the stage The third cantilever is just out of the shot.


The audience is made up of John Cowdery, Roy Goswell and Mrs G watching
Ivor Perrett’s Skiffle band.

Our Display at HTMC 25 April 2009